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The Netherlands


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Member of:

Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators

Dutch Society of Interpreters and Translators (NGTV)

Institute of Court Interpreters and Legal Translators (SIGV)

Interpreting Services


An interpreter on location is often not only desirable but even necessary if you do not speak the language yourself. No matter what kind of interpretation is needed, simultaneous, consecutive or whispered, for a call, conference or meeting, locally or abroad, with Ujvari Int. you have found the right partner!



Ujvari Int. can act as an interpreter for small gatherings, such as for example when discussing a prenuptial agreement or wills or the execution of notarial deeds. But at larger events the contribution of Ujvari Int. can also be very useful. Think of lawsuits, conferences, exhibitions, product presentations, training sessions and meetings.



It doesn't matter if it is an intimate gathering or a big event, the presence of an interpreter always makes sure that no details of the original information get lost during the translation and prevents misunderstandings. Moreover, people often appreciate the presence of an interpreter because it makes communication more personal.



Planning a business trip or expecting international guests? Try Ujvari Int.! The thorough preparation, many years of experience and the extensive expertise of Ujvari Int. might lead to a long and satisfactory cooperation.